Connections and Community

I am reminded, as I sit contemplating the rich experiences and connections that I found in a week-long camping trip under the ancient redwoods in Santa Cruz, that we are nothing without the family and community that we build.

There is no success without someone to share it.  There is no love without someone to return it.  And there is no future without a community of people who care deeply about sustainability, abundance and authentic communication.

Well, these things are true for me, at least.  I’ll let you create your own truths about your own connections and community.

Never fear, I will return, dear readers, to my contemplation of  The Happiness Manifesto and how it relates to money and my clients.  However, for this moment, I wanted to pass to you some small amount of the same surcease and peace that I found surrounded by nature, my chosen family and the gift of time.

So, here it is …

… imagine pockets of time that stand still as you draw tiny lines and swirls and dots onto a maṇḍala

… imagine hours that fly by as you press legs to earth while sitting in a trusted circle sharing deep connections

… imagine campfire songs and skit antics as you play like the inner child that you repress so often

… imagine waking to body hugs and gentle kisses of joy that land in your hair and on your face like laughter

… imagine unconditional positive regard and authentic beings that believe that everyone comes to the party of earth to be loved and to belong

… imagine a stunning moment where you realize that who you are, what you do, what you believe is ALL PERFECT for it is where you stand at this moment


Thanks for reading.  I’ll see you here in a few days to continue The Happiness Manifesto.  May you, also, have some of this peace that I received.


Your money guide,







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